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Every day, all over the planet, international organizations of all kinds are hard at work building a stronger, fairer and safer world. They want to make sure that humanity does not fall into chaos. They want to create a world where the vulnerable are protected and where all people live in harmony with each other and with their environment. The charities, foundations, political groups, governmental, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work for the betterment of our planet are, today, humanity’s greatest assets.

Some of these organizations are legendary; some are known only to the people whose lives they touch. All these groups, highly visible and ultra-discreet, merit recognition and honor for their efforts to improve life for mankind.

For the most part, the employees, volunteers, and supporters of these organizations are neither superstars nor celebrities. Most of their leaders are unknown to us, as are their founders. Those who make these organizations viable are our global heroes, many of them working far away from the spotlight to make everyday life better and safer. They might  be your neighbors. They might be family members. Maybe they are you. If this is the case, let me take this opportunity to humbly thank you. Thank you all. You are my heroes.

The world would be a very dark place without you. You are an inspiration and you are hope.

You belong on humanity’s Wall of Honor.

Patrick Bonneville, publisher of the book WALL OF HONOR