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At home in paradise

Located on a small peninsula at the eastern tip of Bohol some 100 kilometers from Tagbilaran City (a two hour trip along coastal roads) lies the town of Anda, a 5th Class Municipality with an estimated population of 17,000 (2010 census).

1No. 56 J & R Residence on the location map

Life in Anda is simple. Most of the residents know each other by name. Farm produce, livestock and poultry, and fresh catch from the sea are regularly to be found in the town’s public market. Leisure activities include a dip in the sea along Quinale Beach with a long stretch of white sand, diving into ice cold cave pools in the coastal barangays, a hike to Anda Falls where the water cascades from the source into a man-made pool, or an eco-cultural trip through mangroves and a brief boat ride that ends in spelunking with a view of Red Hematite cave wall paintings and ancestral burial grounds.

Considered as the hidden gem of Bohol, all the private resorts along Anda’s coastline are blessed with their own pockets of white beach front. Several beach front properties have already been snapped up by balikbayans and expatriates, awaiting construction of residences or tourism establishments to commence.


The newest accommodation in town opened its doors in October 2013, less than a year ago just right after that calamitous 7.2 magnitude earthquake which adversely affected Bohol’s tourism in the ensuing months.

3Lovely and accommodating couple Ralf and Jilo Kempa own the place. Ralf, a German national, met his Cebuana wife in China where they were both working, and decided to settle down in the picturesque town of Anda for its dive sites, white sand beaches and bucolic lifestyle.

What was originally planned as a residence/resthouse turned into a charming resort with modern cottages, a pool and a dining pavilion with a beautiful view of the white sand beach when the couple noticed the frequent traffic of European backpackers and tourists into the town which has now been touted to be the next big thing after PanglaoIsland.




Their residence and guest houses are situated 12 meters above sea level with a breathtaking view of the ocean. There is an open air dining pavilion that serves an assortment of choice entrees, and a well stocked bar for cocktails and drinks. The swimming pool is ideal if you prefer it to the beach.

789101112For accommodations, you have a choice between the Garden House highlighting native materials in its design and access to the orchid garden, or the modern Beach Houses equipped with modern amenities and a view of the ocean.

1314The beach front is able to accommodate beach parties and functions for special occasions.

15They have a sailing dinghy christened “Jilo” which offers recreational pleasure for beginners as well as for experienced sailors. With a length of 5.5 meters, a width of 1.8 meters and a regatta sail, “Jilo” is the perfect vehicle for a relaxing cruise. You may book a guided cruise with the owner or rent the dinghy for a private trip.

1617A couple of meters from the beachfront lies a long stretch of marine reserve, home to several species of marine life which is a perfect attraction for divers. Snorkeling is another way to enjoy the underwater view.


During certain times, in cooperation with neighboring resorts they are able to organize tours to one of the most popular spots where the whale sharks congregate. This spot is situated in a nature park which is located 3.5 hours boat trip away from the resort. Under the supervision of nature park guards, swim with the whale sharks and experience their habitat first hand. In contrast to its carnivorous namesakes, the whale shark primarily feeds on plankton and other microorganisms and is thus harmless to humans.

Cap off your day with a refreshing drink, a sumptuous dinner, good conversation and one-of-a-kind sunsets. This is, after all, just another day in paradise.


JR Residence

Address: Brgy. Bacong, Sitio Dagohoy, Anda, 6311 Bohol

Mobile: +63 908 821 5481 Jilo (Bisaya, Tagalog, English)

+63 908 821 5480 Ralf (German, English)

Email: JR.Residence@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ralf.kempa.3

Website: http://www.jr-residence.com

Happy anniversary to J & R Residence! We wish you more successful and adventurous years ahead :)