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Changing of the Seasons

It drizzles in Metro Manila most afternoons for the past three weeks. Lately, the drizzle has turned into a downpour with accompanying thunderclaps and lightning bolts providing an eerie contrast in the dark skies above.

A couple of hours, and then its over. A couple of hours more and it’s as if the rains never came except for the wet vehicles plying the now dry streets, and a few tiny puddles congregating in the potholes of a few side streets.

Rainy season is still tourist season in the Philippines because it coincides with vacation time for most Chinese and Korean visitors, and is also homecoming time for most Filipinos living overseas, particularly for those based in the USA.

And so you find amidst dark clouds a silver lining, and a rainbow after the storm. As it is with the changing of the seasons, life goes on and Filipinos, with bravura and sturdy hearts, pick up where life paused for a moment. Clarity!

It is still more fun in the Philippines!

Top photo: a beach in Oslob, Cebu during low tide

Bottom photo: photo shoot at Tumaguiti (raindrops) Waterfalls in the Caramoan Region of Camarines Sur