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Introducing Ava Canaceli

Think of contemporary Christian music singer Evie (family name Tornquist Karlsson) of the 70’s, Filipino gospel singer Gigi Villa from the 80’s (now Mrs. Gigi Villa Kenney, wife of Pastor John David Kenney based in Jakarta, Indonesia who had a successful music ministry in the United States under the banner Evangeline Ministries), or even Kari Jobe from 2009!

The self-titled debut album from Ava Canaceli has great packaging (great photos and lay-out courtesy of one of her sisters), and great production due in part to a cohesive band that provides her with the instrumentation to complement her sweet soprano voice, and another sister providing back-up vocals in most of the songs. The recording itself is clean with a crisp, clear sound.

14322771_673968696099014_2549779689003850698_nBut what makes this album stand out are the songs themselves, and the voice delivering the message of hope and love. All the songs were written by Ava between 2010 to 2015, with five of the tracks recorded in 2014, and one recorded this year. The first track is a youthful song reminding one to “take it slow and not rush into relationships”, hence Dahan-dahan Lang. The second track Isang Pintig continues where the first track left off, this time to “savor the relationship until the time comes when the two become one” – marriage as the goal. Whereas the first two tracks are ditties (a.k.a. love songs) and easy on the ears, the third track Paikot-ikot makes you stop and listen. The tempo picks up but is still light and easy on the ears (jazzy a la Sitti), and you are hooked by the chorus, tackling falling in and out of love in a positive tone that leaves you with Last Song Syndrome (LSS). If there was one big ballad on the album, it is the fourth track. Kung Mawala Man Ang Lahat tackles changing circumstances when blessings such as material wealth, dreams, even love relationships are lost and you go through a dry season – would you still sing a song of praise? Everyone can relate to this song. The remaining two tracks, Wala Nang Iba and Para Sayo are praise and worship songs that are adaptable to worship teams and youth choirs.

Good news is that the album contains accompaniment tracks of all the songs, hence the album becomes an invaluable addition to the music library of churches and youth groups, a perfect example of Original Pilipino (Christian) Music.

motex107To order the album:

1. Visit http://facebook.com/avacanaceli page and send a message.

2. Send your order info (format):

Complete name: Complete address: Mobile number: CD Quantity: Amount to Deposit:

***CD cost is P275.00 ***LBC Shipping Fee is P160.00

3. Visit any BPI Bank and deposit the amount to:

Name: Ma. Vanessa Ava Canaceli Account No. 4519-1193-37

4. Scan a copy of your deposited/payment receipt and send it to her.







“There’s more than enough singers and songwriters out there. So let’s find what’s unique about you – not just your music, but the message of your life.” - an advice from singer-songwriter Brian Bates who became a friend through the internet.


Taking on a holistic approach at sharing the message of his life, kurios first tackled his website project early on in October 2009 with the help of some close friends and colleagues.


“More than just another website, it is a tool I use to engage youth and popular culture through eyes of faith with the ultimate goal of knowing Christ and making Him known. It has sections on men’s lifestyle (eleMENtal), travel (alternate route), features on the seven arts – music, visual arts, film, architecture, dance, literature and theater (inksoundpalette), various advocacies that make the world a better place to live in one day at a time (MAN to MAN), and food articles (degustation).”

“As a way of promoting the website, I have recorded a music sampler (non-commercial) which contains two OPM love songs composed by award winning composer Lisa Diy, another power ballad by theater stalwart Lito Villareal, and a cover of a Margaret Becker original which was made into a music video shot on location at Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort in Oslob, Cebu.” 

40739_441692448881_3296524_n 1319778042_photo_fb1
In 1994 at a youth group bible study, Oliver Quingco II took on kurios as his pseudonym, a Greek word that means “lord”, signifying his submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Any work that comes under the banner kurios is specially offered to the one true source of all creativity and inspiration – God.

Äs an artist, kurios hopes to impact pop culture in a way that will enrich people’s lives – that they will see the reality of God at work in their everyday lives through his creative expressions; and that they will hear God’s voice far above his own.

26717_378934308881_1286660_n 1319778140_photo_March2012d1319947387_photo_HouseofRuneslaunchwithS4Jartists26717_378934888881_2041021_n
Oliver Quingco II has been a record executive at the following record companies:

Label Manager at Praise Music, Inc. from 1995-1997

Business Development & Media Relations Officer at Shekinah Music in 1999

Artist & Repertoire Officer at Verje Music Publishing under VIVA Records in 2000



All I Ever Wanted (CCM Sampler) 2009

Stories from the Streets (Advocacy Sampler) 2010

White Christmas (Christmas Sampler) 2010

Ngayon Lang (OPM Sampler) 2011

Like I Love You (Love Songs) 2012

Cradle Songs (Lullabies) 2013

In the Company of Sinners (Songs on the Life of Christ) 2014






All I Ever Wanted for www.kuriosfiles.com.ph 2010

Say the Name Gospel Jam 2010

Soundcheck Teaser 2010

Soundcheck Post-event AVP 2010

Find Me AVP for www.worldvision.org.ph 2010

Ask Me AVP for www.samaritana.org 2010

Nobody But You for www.samaritana.org 2011

Salamat Edgeradio 2011

Salamat Christian Music Festival 2011

It Matters to You at The Re-United Organization 2011


Genre: Alternative
Country: Philippines
State or Region: Metro Manila
City: Quezon City
Website: www.discoverthephilippines.com
Influences: Lito Villareal, Jungee Marcelo, Reuben Laurente, Terry Javier, Girl Valencia, Margaret Becker, Kim Hill, Julie Miller, Out of the Grey, Amy Grant, Sam Phillips, Trace Balin, Tony Vincent, Russ Taff, Michael English, ClayCrosse, Christafari, Jars of Clay1334137448_kuriosfiles