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Going Bohemian this summer

Scorching heat where every single move brings unquenchable thirst and a torrent of sweat. That’s summer in the Philippines.  And unless you work at a beach resort or the great outdoors, such conditions could become uncomfortable when you have to deal with corporate meetings and functions.

One way to escape the oppressive heat is by dressing appropriately. Blessed are those who can eschew traditional corporate attire in lieu of cooler and comfortable clothes.

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According to Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone, authors of Men’s Wardrobe (Knopf Publishing), style begins on the inside.

Although most men are loath to admit to an interest in their own “intimate apparel,” images of men in their skivvies, from summer fashion shoots to the ubiquitous underwear billboards, are a fact of modern life. Before World War I, the majority of men wore bulky, full-length underwear, or union suits, under their clothes. However, comfort became an issue and briefs were widely adopted in the 1920s. By the ‘30s, the shorts worn by prizefighters became the prototype for a new cut of underwear that was both more forgiving and irreproachably masculine. Today’s boxer shorts come in a vast array of colors and patterns, usually in cotton broadcloth, with abbreviated legs and an elastic waistband. Classic boxer shorts possess a kind of iconic value — a clean, unfussy sensuality — that teeny-weeny dark-colored briefs do not. However, as jeans and slim-fitting trousers remain important in men’s fashion, briefs have their role to play. As a practical matter, boxers go better with pleated trousers.

Just as today’s boxers come in a vast array of colors and patterns, so do briefs. There’s the classic style, the bikini, the hipster and the tanga among several variations.


Is it boxers then or briefs?

This has often been asked when the issue of male fertility is discussed. According to the theory, when a guy is having a problem conceiving a baby, he should switch to boxers instead of wearing briefs. The thinking behind this theory was that briefs are more constricting and therefore may cause your privates to become overheated, which can lower your sperm count. That’s also the reason guys who want to start a family are advised to avoid hot baths and Jacuzzis.

Anyway, a new study shows that this underwear assumption may just be a little more than an old husband’s tale.

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According to The Journal of Urology, researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook decided to find out once and for all whether Calvin Kleins were preventing the emergence of the next generation. When they analyzed semen samples from 97 men with fertility problems, the truth came out: Between boxer and brief-wearing subjects, there wasn’t any difference in sperm count, sperm concentration or sperm movement, or even any variance in scrotal temperature. And when 14 of the men switched from one type of underwear to the other, it still made no difference.


“It is unlikely that underwear type has a significant effect on male fertility,” the doctors wrote. If you are having problems conceiving, practice relaxation techniques, make sure you are having enough zinc in your diet and see an urologist — you might have a treatable medical problem.


So is it boxers then or briefs? It really doesn’t matter unless you find one more comfortable than the other.

In photos are a couple of local brands and what they have to offer for the discriminating male and for women who shop for the men in their lives.