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Streetsmart Filipiniana for Men

Photo source: www.tenacityinpursuit.com

Thanks to a few enterprising individuals, lovers of Filipiniana chic can now bounce back and forth between the office to parties and their favorite watering holes without having to rush home to dress down. If you’re wanting for a bit of home as an alternative to the foreign-branded clothes flooding the market, now is as good a time as any to look for the following brands. You might come out surprised finding pieces of you on their shelves.


Streetsmart Filipiniana for Men

Obra ni Juan. Armed with the experience of (ironically) having launched Filipiniana designs for men in Germany’s fashion market, Del-z B. Agapito, a fashion researcher for Europe-based Mac Jeans, trained her sights on a line of clothing bearing the same quality-made, native-inspired motifs that the working Juan de la Cruz can afford and would be proud to wear. The family corporation which has an office and factory outlet in Antipolo churns out exquisite clothes in several kinds of linen, as well as in elegant jusi and pina versions. “Obra” was chosen since each design is a product of Filipino ingenuity and “Juan” to personify the authentic Filipino male image. Available in department stores and shopping malls.


Streetsmart Filipiniana for Men

Pinangga. Born in 1971 from the desire to express Filipino indigenous designs and to create a livelihood for urban poor women, Pinangga started out as an association of women teachers and artists from the University of the Philippines and homeworkers from San Andres Bukid, Manila. Pinangga is now managed by one of the original workers, Fe Paduyao, an Ifugao. Designs are inspired by the indigenous arts and crafts of various Philippine regions and tribal groups, and are made of cotton and spun rayon. Those interested may visit them at #30 North Road, Cubao, Quezon City, Tel. No. 724-8284.