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Amuma Spa (header)

the wonders of Amuma Spa

Nothing beats a warm tub and a great massage after a tiring day.

Bluewater Resorts Group has several massage offerings to choose from at their renowned Amuma Spa, whether from their main resort in Maribago or at Sumilon, both in Cebu, or at the newly opened Bluewater Panglao Resort in Bohol.

The name AMUMA is derived from a Visayan word (native Philippine dialect) which means to pamper, spoil or indulge with every attention.

Amidst lush tropical surroundings, their spa services incorporate ancient and modern therapies from Visayan-Filipino, Asian and Western cultures. Amuma spares no detail to enhance your spa experience, from rituals that accompany each treatment to the products using the best local ingredients.

the wonders of Amuma Spa


A three hour Amuma signature package, you start off by bathing in Amuma’s signature oil and calamansi blend to exfoliate and invigorate your skin with a gentle loofah. After your skin is exfoliated and prepared, you will be smothered in coconut cream, amuma potion, calamansi and Cebu’s famous mangoes.

the wonders of Amuma Spa

With your body wrapped in cool banana leaf, attention is given to your hair and scalp. Warmed virgin coconut oil is then drizzled on your hairline to nourish and moisturize your crown. If you want to forego the oil on your scalp, you may opt for a scalp massage instead.

A warm bath of sea salt, calamansi, amuma potions and frangipani will embrace you and take you further on your journey to hilot, an amalgamation of our favorite native hilot techniques. The hilot journey includes traditional hilot rituals such as space cleansing through burning of medicinal herbs and minerals and prayer invoking spiritual guidance and blessings.

the wonders of Amuma Spa


This treatment is never the same twice as each manghihilot (therapist) has inherited the gift of healing hands from a relative and will pass on this good energy to you as a gift from the Divine. This is not a whole body massage. Instead, it focuses on areas the healer believes to be the root cause of the problem. Prayer/meditation is part of this experience which culminates in the healer giving you good advice to keep healthy and fit.


My personal favorite, this treatment uses heated basalt stones to loosen stressed muscles and promote deep relaxation, as well as a sense of calmness. Crystal therapy stimulates healing and is incorporated by placing crystals on your chakra points.

the wonders of Amuma Spa


It involves long flowing strokes and techniques to relax tense or spastic muscles. This treatment increases joints’ range of motion, soothes the nervous system and reduces swelling. It also helps eliminate toxins from the tissues.


With origins from Northern Philippines, it is known as “dry massage” because it does not use oils. This massage uses thumb and palm pressure on specific points of the body. Combined with stretching, it improves circulation and relieves stress and tension.

the wonders of Amuma Spa


Head and shoulder massage derived from the rural pastime “kuto-kuto alis”, it includes a gentle hair-pulling technique that stimulates circulation, relieve headaches and induce rest and sleep. A blend of rhythmic rubbing along the neck, back and arms also rejuvenate both body and soul.

the wonders of Amuma Spa


Treatment using bamboo poles to apply rhythmic pressure on the foot area. Akin to reflexology, gentle taps on specific points help provide relief and improve blood circulation in the body. Also reduces fatigue, aches and muscle pains, as well as helps rid toxins and restore tissue balance.

the wonders of Amuma Spa

Other treatment options include Swedish, Namikoshi Shiatsu, Thai Foot Massage and Travel Revive Fusion.

For additional information, booking and reservations, please log on to www.bluewater.com.ph