JobMatch.Pro launches in the Philippines

Foreign investors are consistently finding their way to the Philippines and this is not because of natural calamities nor political scandals, but because of positive factors that ensure them a return on their investment.

Just last month, German IT provider- ISI Teletrade launched a new job search engine site created by Germans and Filipinos offering a cool way to help you land a job that suits your skills and at the same time, relieves employers from the stress of hunting  for the right talents.

JobMatch.pro was launched simultaneously in Manila and in Germany to address the lingering problems of job mismatch.  The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) pegged underemployment or those still looking for another job at 7-million while unemployment is at 2.96 million. JobMatch uses an intelligent software that recognizes suitable talents while blocking those unmatched applications.

ISI Teletrade, a member of the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI),  has 35 years of experience in marketing and ‘sales psychology’. Founded in Bochum, Germany, it has 150 competent staff in three offices in the Netherlands, Curacao in Venezuelan coast and now the Philippines.

JobMatch.Pro launches in the Philippines

In a recent press briefing at the Doehle Haus Manila, JobMatch founder Peter Steinbach said the program will practically reduce by 90 per cent the effort and time of both employers looking for the right talents and applicants looking for the right jobs to match their skills.

How it works

First, employers post a job opening advertisement with content-related categories on the skills requirements.

Applicants will only need to click on keywords to fit their skills qualifications with the requirements of the job opening.

The JobMatch.pro software program sends ‘bidder flags’ or the pink colored star to the employers to indicate that there are qualified applicants who have expressed interest.

The bidder flags will remain invisible to the applicants until the employers decide to contact them for additional documents such as Resume’ and other requirements.

Job hunters on the other hand, can create profiles where they can indicate their skills and the job they are looking for.   The program can detect if there are job openings that match the job hunter’s skills and the would-be employee will then be flagged about the match.

The JobMatch program is an innovation from the out-dated job search engines where an individualized application letter is sent along with resume, certificates and documents that mostly contain errors from typos, wrong address and incomplete information.

JobMatch.Pro launches in the Philippines

Expat in the Philippines

GERMAN investor Peter Steinbach has successfully studied information-technology (IT) businesses for 35 years in his home country, as well as in the Netherlands and Curaçao, which is just off the coast of Venezuela. He was looking at expanding in Asia, and didn’t know much about the Philippines then. One of his staff members in Germany, who is married to a Filipina, told him about promising investment prospects in the Philippines, which moved him to visit the country in November 2009.

His initial trips to Tagaytay City and nearby Taal Lake in Batangas, Boracay and Cebu convinced the German businessman to bring his investments to the Philippines.

“The Philippines is a perfect market for JobMatch.pro owing to the hundreds of thousands of job openings by foreign and local investors now taking advantage of the country’s emerging economy,” he says.

Steinbach says the Philippines is not only blessed with rich natural resources, scenic travel destinations but, most important, a genuinely talented people who speak fluent American English

“The Philippines is not about fantastic beaches. It’s a land of beautiful and friendly people who are exact opposites of those in Western countries,” he says. “There are no volcanoes erupting anytime, harsh typhoons and earthquakes in Europe. But I simply like it here because of the special atmosphere of warmth. It’s simply worthwhile being here.”

Mr. Steinbach always has something good to say about his Filipino staff.

 “I feel at home whenever I go to the office,” he says. He considers his Filipino employees to be talented people who are articulate in the English language but also warm colleagues.

He says employees usually behave differently when the boss is around.

“But they [employees] don’t feel disturbed having me around, as they make me feel at home and comfortable to work with,” he explains.

Steinbach treats his Filipino employees with high respect and admiration, knowing the country has recently been experiencing natural disasters. Yet, he sees the people to be resilient and full of positivity.

He admits he has made some not-so-difficult adjustments to fit into the culture of tropical people. However, his business posting in Curaçao helped him adjust to the culture in the tropics.

The German businessman had once been offered to invest in one of Asia’s emerging economies and hire 2,000 employees. But seeing the Philippines with its diverse culture, scenic destinations, and its handful dynamic and talented staff, he does not regret his decision to bring his business and explore this island paradise.

“I have traveled a lot, but I like it here, and I’m so happy to be here,” he says.

JobMatch.Pro launches in the Philippines

JobMatch.Pro launches in the Philippines

JobMatch.Pro launches in the Philippines