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MNL Eau de Toilette for the youth

MNL is a refreshing fragrance collection that is currently out in the market. Very affordably priced at P 250.00 (roughly USD $5.50 or Euros 4.85) per 80ml bottle, there are seven fragrances for women and seven fragrances for men to choose from. Each fragrance is elegantly encased in color coded glass bottles stamped with the fragrance’s name and runs the entire range from floral to fruity, woody and spice. Since eau de toilette fragrances last from 4 to six hours (longer than cologne yet lighter than perfume), it is easy to switch from one fragrance in the morning to another for the afternoon, and yet another for the evening. Or stick to one fragrance as your signature scent.

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The entire MNL collection is proudly manufactured in the Philippines.

The brand is the brainchild of Filipina singer-songwriter Mica Javier. She is the niece of APO Hiking Society’s Danny Javier, and the daughter of Mayor Sandy Javier of Javier, Leyte, the owner of chicken chain Andok’s Litson Corp. Born in Manila, Philippines, Mica started as a commercial and print model when she was in high school booking print ad campaigns like Colgate with Maxene Magalona, and Nestea Iced Tea TV commercials while she was signed up with her first modeling agency Calcarrie’s.

She moved to New York City for college and attended the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. While at university, she interned in marketing and PR for fashion houses like DVF, Adidas Originals, and Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. She also worked for Carol’s Daughter, a beauty company owned by Lisa Price, Jay Z, Mary J Blige, and Will Smith, where she was mentored by marketing genius Steve Stoute. During her summer vacations, she would come home to the Philippines to model, booking numerous magazine features and fashion editorials for Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and Preview, as well as TV commercials including Whisper with Kim Chiu, Red Mobile with Derek Ramsay, and Pizza Hut. In New York, she signed with BMG Models for fashion and MMG Models for commercials/TV, where she booked NOLCHA fashion week runway shows with up-and-coming designers, fashion editorials and look-books, and fittings. She also appeared in Gossip Girl’s season 2, episode 6, alongside Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), and How To Make It In America’s season finale. In 2010 she booked a Verizon Wireless print campaign, with billboards all over New York City.

In 2012, Mica moved back to Manila, where she got to open for J.Lo’s Dance Again World Tour and first ever concert in Manila, Philippines. Her first single released in Manila was a duet with Philippines King of R&B, Jay R, a song entitled “Tonight”. Written by Mica, Jay R, and Davix Foreman of Grinehouse, and produced by Dumb Drumbs super producer, Wizz Dumb, “Tonight” went No.1 on Urban Music radio station Wave 89.1 FM, and topped the Pinoy Myx Countdown and the Myx Hit Charts simultaneously. Her second single released in Manila, a song called “Heart Song” also topped high end radio station charts on Monster RX 93.1, while the music video reached Top 10 on Myx Philippines’ Pinoy Myx Countdown.


In September 2014, MNL fragrance collection was featured on popular ABS-CBN show Kris TV which instantaneously launched the brand to the Philippine market. Since then, MNL has established itself in a few mall locations, namely its very own stand-alone kiosk in Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave., and two consignment kiosks in Cinderella Festival Mall and Cinderella Sta. Lucia. MNL is also available for resellers and distributors, as well as online, at


MJ Fragrance World, Inc. (MJFW) is the mother company that houses the brand MNL. MJFW is a trading and retailing company that specializes in the distribution and dissemination of top quality and affordable fragrance products across the Philippines. It is a company that complies with international IFRA standards, is FDA approved, and upholds the importance of meeting customer satisfaction by providing high quality and safe perfume, eau de toilette, and in the future, other bath and body (cosmetics) products.


Mica Javier is the face representing the women’s fragrances in the MNL ad campaign.



Going Bohemian this summer

Scorching heat where every single move brings unquenchable thirst and a torrent of sweat. That’s summer in the Philippines.  And unless you work at a beach resort or the great outdoors, such conditions could become uncomfortable when you have to deal with corporate meetings and functions.

One way to escape the oppressive heat is by dressing appropriately. Blessed are those who can eschew traditional corporate attire in lieu of cooler and comfortable clothes.

Bench 2

According to Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone, authors of Men’s Wardrobe (Knopf Publishing), style begins on the inside.

Although most men are loath to admit to an interest in their own “intimate apparel,” images of men in their skivvies, from summer fashion shoots to the ubiquitous underwear billboards, are a fact of modern life. Before World War I, the majority of men wore bulky, full-length underwear, or union suits, under their clothes. However, comfort became an issue and briefs were widely adopted in the 1920s. By the ‘30s, the shorts worn by prizefighters became the prototype for a new cut of underwear that was both more forgiving and irreproachably masculine. Today’s boxer shorts come in a vast array of colors and patterns, usually in cotton broadcloth, with abbreviated legs and an elastic waistband. Classic boxer shorts possess a kind of iconic value — a clean, unfussy sensuality — that teeny-weeny dark-colored briefs do not. However, as jeans and slim-fitting trousers remain important in men’s fashion, briefs have their role to play. As a practical matter, boxers go better with pleated trousers.

Just as today’s boxers come in a vast array of colors and patterns, so do briefs. There’s the classic style, the bikini, the hipster and the tanga among several variations.


Is it boxers then or briefs?

This has often been asked when the issue of male fertility is discussed. According to the theory, when a guy is having a problem conceiving a baby, he should switch to boxers instead of wearing briefs. The thinking behind this theory was that briefs are more constricting and therefore may cause your privates to become overheated, which can lower your sperm count. That’s also the reason guys who want to start a family are advised to avoid hot baths and Jacuzzis.

Anyway, a new study shows that this underwear assumption may just be a little more than an old husband’s tale.

sam milby F & H

According to The Journal of Urology, researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook decided to find out once and for all whether Calvin Kleins were preventing the emergence of the next generation. When they analyzed semen samples from 97 men with fertility problems, the truth came out: Between boxer and brief-wearing subjects, there wasn’t any difference in sperm count, sperm concentration or sperm movement, or even any variance in scrotal temperature. And when 14 of the men switched from one type of underwear to the other, it still made no difference.


“It is unlikely that underwear type has a significant effect on male fertility,” the doctors wrote. If you are having problems conceiving, practice relaxation techniques, make sure you are having enough zinc in your diet and see an urologist — you might have a treatable medical problem.


So is it boxers then or briefs? It really doesn’t matter unless you find one more comfortable than the other.

In photos are a couple of local brands and what they have to offer for the discriminating male and for women who shop for the men in their lives.



Streetsmart Filipiniana for Men

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Thanks to a few enterprising individuals, lovers of Filipiniana chic can now bounce back and forth between the office to parties and their favorite watering holes without having to rush home to dress down. If you’re wanting for a bit of home as an alternative to the foreign-branded clothes flooding the market, now is as good a time as any to look for the following brands. You might come out surprised finding pieces of you on their shelves.


Streetsmart Filipiniana for Men

Obra ni Juan. Armed with the experience of (ironically) having launched Filipiniana designs for men in Germany’s fashion market, Del-z B. Agapito, a fashion researcher for Europe-based Mac Jeans, trained her sights on a line of clothing bearing the same quality-made, native-inspired motifs that the working Juan de la Cruz can afford and would be proud to wear. The family corporation which has an office and factory outlet in Antipolo churns out exquisite clothes in several kinds of linen, as well as in elegant jusi and pina versions. “Obra” was chosen since each design is a product of Filipino ingenuity and “Juan” to personify the authentic Filipino male image. Available in department stores and shopping malls.


Streetsmart Filipiniana for Men

Pinangga. Born in 1971 from the desire to express Filipino indigenous designs and to create a livelihood for urban poor women, Pinangga started out as an association of women teachers and artists from the University of the Philippines and homeworkers from San Andres Bukid, Manila. Pinangga is now managed by one of the original workers, Fe Paduyao, an Ifugao. Designs are inspired by the indigenous arts and crafts of various Philippine regions and tribal groups, and are made of cotton and spun rayon. Those interested may visit them at #30 North Road, Cubao, Quezon City, Tel. No. 724-8284.




Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have more chemical attraction than others and generally exude more confidence?

Scientific evidence suggests that this is due to the power of pheromones: odourless natural attractants that send out airborne signals from the body that are received by others. Human pheromones are steroid molecules on the skin that float off into the air and affect those near us. The word “pheromone” is derived from Greek meaning “I carry excitement.”

We all have pheromones, some people just have more than others.

U.S. and international patents have been granted on the use of human pheromones. The chemical mixture of some concentrate contain human pheromones in a non-fragrant alcohol based formula. As a result, men are able to wear it alone or with their favorite cologne. Proper application is to splash on your neck, wrist, or any other skin that is exposed to the air. The alcohol scent will evaporate very quickly, leaving the pheromones to become airborne and ultimately stimulating the senses of another person. The pheromones stimulate the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO), a tiny chemical receptor in the nose, which is connected to the hypothalamus, the gland in the brain which triggers the chemicals responsible for emotions. These chemical messengers given off by an individual affect other individuals of the same species.


Because it’s a relatively recent discovery, much scientific evidence already has been established that supports the effectiveness of human pheromones.

Scientists at the ChemicalSensesCenter in Philadelphia, PA, the University of Utah, School of Medicine, and many others have conducted consumer and laboratory studies on how pheromones affect people. There is significant evidence that pheromones affect the behavior of those receiving the pheromone signals. Researchers at the University of Kentucky discovered that subjects exposed to pictures of men that were sprayed with the human pheromones found these pictures more sexually attractive than pictures of men that were not sprayed with the pheromones. Another test was done on a national TV show in England, using twin brothers. One twin was sprayed with the pheromone, then both twins were introduced to test subjects. The subjects found that the twin brother sprayed with pheromones was more attractive than his identical counterpart. In another study, the pheromone was sprayed on one chair in a dentist’s waiting room. Subjects tested were more likely to choose to sit in that chair than any other chair in the room.

In 1998 a book was published on the subject of pheromones called “Love Scents” by Kodis, Moran, Houy & Dutton (New York, USA) which describes pheromones in detail in everyday language.

In a nutshell, the book expounds on the theory that we are chemically communicating with each other all the time, hence we naturally give off pheromones everyday. That ’s something many people don’t realize. However, since we usually take a bath everyday as part of our hygiene, it washes off our natural pheromones. Consequently, we are pheromonally deprived. Furthermore, we tend to dress from head to toe, thereby covering 90% of the very skin that releases pheromones into the air. When we put on a pheromone concentrate or a perfume containing human pheromones, we’re actually replacing pheromones we have washed off. By supplementing our lost pheromones, we are really “getting back to nature,” and re-establishing chemical communication with those close to us.

Other fragrances in the market which claim to have pheromones actually use animal pheromones, such as pig, deer, or cat pheromones (“musk”). It’s been proven that these non-human pheromones have no effect on humans.


Basics in Perfumery

Classification in terms of purity/concentrate

1. Eau de Cologne – lasts 2 to 3 hrs.

2. Eau de Toilette – lasts 4 to 6 hrs.

3. Eau de Parfum – lasts 8 to 10 hrs.

4. Oil Concentrate – most expensive and lasts for around 12 hours

Classification in terms of ingredients

1. Woody – cedarwood, sandalwood, juniper, fir balsam, amber musk, oak moss, maple leaves, rosewood, guaiacum wood etc.

2. Fruity – lime, bergamot, pineapple, tangerine, berries, lychee etc.

3. Floral – jasmine, lilies, lavender, roses, freesia, magnolia etc.

4. Spice – vetiver, patchouli, cardamom, sage, geranium, ginger, pepper etc.

Classification in terms of mixture

1. Top Note/Spirit – first impressions

2. Heart Note/Core Fragrance – the most noticeable/strongest scent

3. Base Note/Soul – fragrance that lingers/left behind


Male Torso

terpsichorean fantasies

“Women are from Venus and men are from Mars,” so goes the hoary cliché that is often used to describe the difference between the sexes. For want of a better way, I use the same cliché to distinguish men from women.

Not one to settle for the “birds and the bees” shtick from my parents, my teenage bout with sexuality brought me to an exhaustive research that lasted well after my college days, safely preferring oral and visual to genital explorations. Here is what I discovered:

Body build.

The ideal man is thought of as lean, muscular and hard. In reality though, there is the mesomorph (Hercules, predominantly muscle and bone), the ectomorph (linear or pencil man, thin and spindly), and the endomorph (spherical and fat) with the vast majority falling somewhere on the gradient between one of two of these types.

Compared to the vast majority of women, men tend to have bigger bones and muscles or body mass.


Having lost the hairy tegument that covered the bodies of his early ancestors, man has been described accurately as the “naked ape.” Vestiges remain on the scalp, face, the armpits and the pubic region and, for some, on the chest, abdomen and back. While hairiness is an acceptable physical characteristic in males which enhances their masculinity, it is not desirable for women to be hairy. Hence their willingness to submit to the torturous process of waxing to remove unwanted body hair.

Baldness, on the other hand, while acceptable to certain fads, is often regarded as a personal catastrophe. Men and women will spend huge amounts of money to remedy the situation. Throughout history, baldness has carried a negative connotation. The Romans cut the hair off prostitutes, adulterers and traitors while early Christians endorsed a “tonsure style” for monks as an expression of humility and religious obedience, and to make them less sexually attractive. The French shaved off the hair of women who collaborated with or were mistresses of the occupying German forces during World War II.


Although often thought of as the definition of maleness, both men and women produce it — men in their testicles, women in their ovaries, and both men and women in their adrenal glands. Men, however, produce much, much more of it. An average woman has 40 to 60 nanograms of testosterone in a deciliter of blood plasma. An average man has some 300 to 1,000, and a teenage boy’s can range up to 1,300.

Men experience a flood of testosterone three times: (1) in the womb eight weeks after conception for the development of the male sexual organs, imprinting maleness on the brain and influencing the many other characteristics of masculinity; (2) during the first few months after birth for the development of the body, emotions and the mind; and (3) at puberty — resulting in squeaky voices, facial and genital hair — that completes the process. Without testosterone, humans would essentially revert to the default sex, which is female. The lack or overabundance of it, on the other hand, is a factor that affects sexual orientation as is the case with lesbians and gays.

The Y chromosome.

The spermatozoa (in male ejaculate), which look like tadpoles, have 23 chromosomes and either an X or Y sex chromosome. If in the rush to get to a female ovum, an X-bearing sperm gets there first, the result will be a girl (XX), but if a Y-bearing sperm wins the race, it will be a boy (XY).

About one in every thousand males has an extra Y chromosome, making him an XYY male. Studies have shown that an XYY male is usually taller and bigger than the average male (XY), is not very bright, tend to lack emotional control, is more impulsive, and is predisposed to criminality unless the extra energy is redirected to something positive such as sports.


Anywhere up to 500 million sperm are present in a single ejaculate, though they make up less than one percent of the volume — the rest being seminal plasma whose principal constituent is water, the function of which is to ensure that the semen is effectively transported into the female genital tract or wherever it is targeted at the moment of ejaculation.

The brain.

Anyone who dared suggest that the male brain might be different or in certain ways superior to that of females would have been promptly labeled as sexist 10 years ago. Now, it is more permissible to tell the truth, which is that in virtually every way — anatomically, psychologically, and intellectually — the brains of the two sexes are as different as chalk from cheese.

While men are single-minded and tend to excel in mathematical and scientific aptitude, women are multi-focused and tend to excel in verbal skills and emotional responsiveness. The major anatomical difference between the brains of the two sexes is the size of the corpus callosum connecting the two sides of the brain. More recently, it has been found that the hypothalamus in the brain is smaller in women than in men. This is thought to be important in determining sexual orientation, as it is also smaller in male homosexuals.

Sweat and smell.

Try watching the various brands hawking their beauty and hygiene products and you’ll see that men’s needs are very much different from that of women’s. With the exception of female athletes, men tend to have a more active lifestyle than women, so they sweat more and are more odious.

The feet, groin, hair and breath all have quite distinct odors, but the most powerful and easily recognizable of them all is that from the armpit. The axillary sweat glands in the armpit secrete small amounts of testosterone, but this proves to be odorless. However, the presence of large amounts of bacterium known as corneyform converts this testosterone onto other metabolites which emit the urine and musk-like odor that is so typical of sweaty shirts.

The penis.

Banana, zucchini, rod, staff, shaft. Whatever you call it, the possession of a penis is the defining characteristic of maleness which combines the two quite distinct functions of urination and copulation.

The length of the flaccid penis varies from 7.5 cm to 11.5 cm, and doubles when it’s erect. Although the importance of size has long been a dead argument, the use of it has spawned such bestsellers as the Kama Sutra and its modern day equivalent — manuals for advanced sexual maneuvers, techniques, positions, multiple and extended sexual orgasms.

Those who, through either impotence or choice, do not regularly use their organ for sexual intercourse also find that it becomes smaller with time. The lesson seems clear — use it or lose it.