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11 10.31's Rackstar

The 10:31 palate by Chef M

Located in a quiet section of M. Parras Extension in Tagbilaran City, Bohol right across the St. Anthony de Padua Church is a cozy, intimate bistro with white interiors and minimalist shabby chic accent pieces highlighting inspirational quotes.


Parishioners will feel right at home here after attending mass. 10:31 is actually a Bible verse taken from 1 Corinthians which says “Whether therefore we EAT or DRINK or whatsoever we do, do all for the Glory of God.” A reflection of the general attitude Boholanos have toward faith and God, and the breaking of bread shared between families and friends.


The diner which made its debut in July 2016 as a bakery café serving coffee and pastries, and as a meeting place for clients in need of catering services, has reinvented itself into a fine dining establishment this 2017.

The menu is the brainchild of Chef Mary Wyvren Veloso (Chef M) and her business partner Ian Orillos. Artisan breads, specialty cakes, decadent pastries, and freshly brewed coffee are now joined by gourmet meals and organic blends of fruits and veggies.

A group of bloggers and journalists from Manila and Cebu were recently feted with the house specialties, to-share portions served on immaculate white porcelain to better highlight the food.


According to Ian, Boholanos who were picky with their caterers often had to go to Cebu to hire a perfect fit for their needs. “We saw this as an opportunity to pursue our passion (food) and at the same time establish a standard for the catering services industry here in Bohol.”

A distance away from the hustle and bustle of commercial areas, the diner tends to encourage an intimate dining experience for those who want to enjoy their meals with the company they keep.

“We really do not offer wi-fi services as we want our guests to engage in conversation, rather than be pre-occupied with texting and messaging all throughout the meal. For emergencies or business, we can lend them the password to our office internet if so required,” says Ian.

Now on its tenth month, 10:31 is proof that with prayers and hard work, success is not far behind. All the more reason to pray, eat and love.



Nachos. Premium tortilla chips with chili con carne and cheese sauce dips

5Tomatoes & Basil BitesTomatoes & Basil Bites. Classic bruschetta topped with tomatoes and basil, drizzled with a trifling amount of olive oil

9 10.31 Salad10:31 Salad. Pan-grilled prawns and ripened balls of mango and papaya nestled  on top of mixed lettuce tossed with vinaigrette, pomelo bits and roasted cashew

8California Salad WrapsCalifornia Salad Wraps. Six refreshing rolls of cucumber filled with mango, crabstick, carrot, and lettuce served with its distinct sesame dressing

7Buffalo WingsBuffalo Wings. Six pieces of chicken wigs coated with our home-made spicy sauce, served with crisp cucumber sticks and mayo for dipping

6 Cucumber Cooler, Carafes

Organic Blends in carafes. Cucumber coolers, Carrot Blend and Celery Blend


13Chef M's Roasted Chicken

Chef M’s Roasted Chicken. Half chicken marinated in Chef M’s signature spices, slow roasted and topped with thick gravy, served with marbled potatoes and cherry tomatoes

17Chicken Pesto Pasta

Chicken Pesto Pasta. Grilled chicken breast served over linguine pasta  covered with thick, creamy pesto sauce


20Lengua en SetaLengua en Seta. Tender slices of ox tongue flooded with our velvety mushroom sauce

11 10.31's Rackstar10:31’s Rackstar. Tender pork ribs expertly baked to perfection double glazed with special tangy sauce served with a slab of grilled corn

10 Herb Crusted Grilled Pork ChopHerb crusted Grilled Pork Chop. Thick, moist and tender grilled pork chop stuffed with robust pesto flavor.

12Pork Loin in Strawberry SaucePork Loin in Strawberry Sauce. Hefty portion of pork loin seasoned with secret spices and special strawberry sauce, slow roasted to ideal tenderness.


16 Crab RellenoCrab Relleno. Whole crab stuffed with its meat and spices, served with parsley rice and thin slices of green mango

21 Baked SalmonBaked Salmon. Thick salmon fillet baked with herbs and spices, layered cheese and garlic sauce


22 Molten Chocolate Surprise

Molten Chocolate Surprise. Chef M’s fudgy brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, nuts, and marshmallows sitting inside a chocolate dome which slowly melts with a pour of hot cream

For more information, please visit their facebook page:


Sincere gratitude to Ms. Josephine Remolador-Cabarrus, Ms. Gina Peluchi Kapirig and Mr. Neil Gerard P. Reyes of Bohol Tourism Office, Chef M and Ian Orillos for their hospitality and for sharing with us their passion for cuisine.



Bohol-a-baisse in a nut shell

Chef Renel Dimacali feels right at home as manager at Mithi Resort & Spa where he is currently based for these past couple of years. He moves with ease and grace, showing us around the beach resort facilities.



A Manileno by birth, we first met him during the Sandugo Festival in Bohol in 2014 where he was resident chef at a boutique hotel.

Back then, he had already shown flair for innovating and concocting menus, substituting ingredients in existing recipes to come up with a local, improved version, in effect, creating nuances in the flavors.

His extensive training at Enderun, a brief stint in Paris, France and travels around South East Asian countries have served him well because now he has to deal with large-scale functions and events, at times feeding as many as 300 people, and at other times having simultaneous overlapping events. He has to multi-task, handling as many as two or three kitchen crews at the same time with no room for mistakes.

He takes it all in stride with prayer and a breath of fresh air, and some much needed day-offs to unwind.

This former novice in the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) considers the culinary arts his mission field. He approaches it with the same passion and dedication a priest would his ministry.

Surrounded by blissful nature on this side of Panglao Island, he shares with us what he has been doing with Mithi Resort & Spa’s menu.


Kinilaw na Tangigue

(Spanish mackerel ceviche marinated in vinegar and citrus juices)



(mixed seafood soup in coconut broth)


Ensalada de Panglao

(steamed regional vegetables with local anchovy vinaigrette)


Kare-kare de Panglao

(beef ribs stewed in peanut sauce)


Crispy Pork Roulade

(crispy pork belly roulade served with pork liver sauce)



Pinaputukang Bangus

(banana-wrapped whole milkfish stuffed with aromatics)


Ube Pasta Carbonara/Moringa al Pomodoro

(purple yam pasta with carbonara sauce/malunggay pasta with tomato sauce)


Coconut Panna Cotta


Mango Crème Brulee


Bohol Pancakes


To contact Chef Renel Dimacali, drop by Mithi Resort & Spa or send him a note at:

Mithi Resort & Spa

Bingag, Dauis 6339

Panglao Island

Bohol, Philippines



A Culinary Tour of Bohol II

Three years ago, we had the opportunity to feature gourmet and buffet food being served in two upscale resorts and a boutique hotel in Bohol.

This time around, we were given the opportunity to feature four innovative dining establishments dotting the landscape of Tagbilaran City. All quite new and unique to match the breadth and scope of their tourism arrivals.


The Buzzz Café of Bohol Bee Farm



Distinctively the product of Bohol Bee Farm which has been around since 2000, it has three branches in Bohol and one in Cebu. Their menu boasts of fresh garden salads, succulent seafood, organic fruits and veggies, and lean meat recipes.

We were able to have lunch at their branch in Galleria Luisa Mall. The interiors were a pleasant mix of off-white and apple green colors, with homey shabby chic accents and several references to eating healthy food, staying positive and of course, the wonders of honey.

Service was efficient and the staff were courteous and prompt.

The front part of the café served as a retail store for their honey products, organic bread, cosmetics and personal care products, and their home-made ice cream served in their trademark cassava cones which boasted of fruits in season flavors as well as eccentric flavors such as spicy ginger, tomato and malunggay.


Signature organic salad with edible flowers and honey dressing


Seafood soup


Fresh herb pasta


Grilled Fish in herbs


Organic red rice topped with sweetened cassava bits



Too Nice to Slice Cake Gallery


Barely less than a year old, this family enterprise started when the young Ms. Lapura was working in a BPO company in Cebu. During her free time, she would bake cakes and sell to officemates and friends. The consensus was that these creations were “too nice to slice” which gave her an inkling for a company name. When her mother Mrs. Alegria Lapura retired from government work as an accountant, the daughter packed her bags, went home to Bohol and opened the cake gallery. Soon, a brother who was a chef in one of the resorts in Panglao joined in, hence the business came full circle with them having both desserts and main courses in their menu. Another brother and in-laws lent a helping hand. They are looking forward to their first summer as a food establishment.


Intimate and cozy, the shop interiors are awash in pink-purple color coordinates with white accent. The chairs, we were told, are old but salvaged, repainted and re-upholstered to give that distinct look of modern elegance.


Boodle Feast of grilled seafood (shrimps, skewered squid slices, clams), fish ceviche, and grilled pork ribs, all sprinkled with fresh seaweed salad


A sampling of the sumptuous Chocolate Addiction, Mango Wacko Walnut Cheesecake and Chocolate Blackout Cheesecake



Massimo Pizzeria Ristorante Italiano


Meet Chef Massimo, the brains behind the menu, who may be seen in action supervising the kitchen staff of this authentic Italian Restaurant day in and day out, and all doubts fall away.


A self-confessed resident of Panglao who has been living in the province for some time now, the Pizzeria is a recent endeavor with only five months of operations.

Filipino business partner Shobe Uy who has a certificate in Culinary Arts manages the daily operations leaving Chef Massimo with much needed time to focus on the ingredients and the cooking.


Bruschetta Pomodoro (homemade bread, fresh tomato, olive oil, garlic)


Taglier Salume e Formaggi or cold cuts and cheese (served with complimentary focaccia)


Insalte or salad of lettuce, green apple slices, tomatoes and shrimps


Spaghetti Carbonara (eggs, bacon, parmesan, black pepper)


4 Formaggi (mozzarella cheese, blue cheese, parmesan, pecorino) Pizza

The wine list isn’t shabby either, and wine by the glass is readily available for those who want to go sampling through the entire wine menu of reds and whites.

Housed in a white Victorian-inspired pre-World War II residential structure, the ambiance is uncluttered and the trademark in keeping with guidelines on the preservation of Heritage Houses. Distinctly Italian with a Filipino soul.





Joyce Valerie Mascarinas-Astilla is proud of her new restaurant which they opened to the public in September 2016. What was once an empty lot is now converted into one of the most happening tambayans for Boholanos and foreigners alike.

On an ordinary night, the tables are full and the place is abuzz with happy chatter as customers line up at the food counter to order their food and pay for it. Clean, shiny casseroles line up homemade cooking in a no fuss arrangement.


According to Joyce, they started out with a barbecue grill place which is still in operations until today. The empty lot owned by her family had her brainstorming for a business venture that would surely appeal to the Boholano’s craving for good food but at affordable prices. Rather than fine dining which often raised the prices of the menu due to the expensive interiors needed to create the ambiance, she thought of home cooked meals and specialties served on wooden tables with sturdy benches, in honor of her mother Socorro who enjoyed cooking.

Her gamble has paid off. Not only locals patronize Socorro’s but tourists of all nationalities who come into the place wanting to try Filipino food whose names they sometimes do not even know!


Best selling Crispy Pata


Grilled Tuna Panga


Fish Ceviche


Sincere gratitude to Ms. Josephine Remolador-Cabarrus, Ms. Gina Peluchi Kapirig and Mr. Neil Gerard P. Reyes of Bohol Tourism Office, and all the food establishment owners for their hospitality and for sharing with us their passion for cuisine.

Banner photo, all photos on Too Nice to Slice Cake Gallery and Socorro’s by Mike Manlapid Apostol.


Hurrah for seafood!

If you happen by Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, don’t miss out on a famous landmark: a dining establishment called KaLui that exclusively serves seafood and veggie menu all year round.

I never thought that the humble bahay kubo could be such a crowd drawer!



The carved wooden signage at the entrance and the details on the posts welcome diners into a landscaped front courtyard. Palawanderer, Outdoor Lover is prominently displayed in one corner amidst tropical foliage such as Birds of Paradise, ferns and assorted palms. In another corner are cascading water fountains highlighted with wooden carvings of tribal folk in assorted styles. Rocks and pebbles are carefully interspersed with grass to create pathways leading to the bahay kubo.


Diners are required to take off their shoes upon stepping into the main structure. Native baskets are provided in lieu of shoe racks.




The Filipino penchant for “horror vacui” (fear of empty spaces) is evident here, as your senses are assaulted with paintings, wooden masks, collectibles and knick knacks filling every nook and cranny, but in a good way. Fruits and vegetables are creatively arranged as accent pieces, not only on the buffet table but also in the bar, as well as the cashier’s area.




The floors are made of polished wood, while the walls are made of wood, with bamboo shingles, but open in some areas. The roof is made of nipa leaves. Woven mats made of raffia and banig are scattered throughout, native baskets of assorted designs are lined up in certain rafters, while capiz shell chandeliers hang from the ceiling.







Puerto Princesa is known for its fresh seafood, so the menu at KaLui Restaurant capitalizes on healthy dining. For brunch, we had Grilled Tuna Steak, Tuna Curry, Steamed Prawns, Seafood Kare-kare, and Seaweed Salad. Fruits in season were served for dessert, but plated in a naughty way. We were told by the dining staff that “Naughty Dessert” was very popular for bridal showers at their venue.



Vegetarians will rejoice at the KVP – KaLui Veggie Platter. You get a plateful of organically grown steamed veggies such as squash, okra, string beans, a generous serving of seaweed salad with kalamansi and vinegar dressing, a spoonful of pickled papaya, and some slices of sun-ripened tomatoes. Wash it all down with fresh juices, shakes or smoothies.




They have a souvenir shop which sells shirts, native bags and wallets, and home made jams made by village folks as community livelihood.

Located at 369 Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, KaLui Restaurant is open daily except on Sundays. Lunch is served from 11:00AM-2:00PM and dinner from 6:00-8:15PM and 8:30-10:30PM.

Reservations may be requested at (048) 433-2580/ 09477617191/09487232522.

This coverage was made possible as a part of USAID’s Advancing Philippine Competitiveness (COMPETE) project which seeks to increase competitiveness of economic growth areas including Palawan, in partnership with the Department of Tourism and the Province of Palawan

Special thanks to Air Asia Zest Airlines for sponsoring our roundtrip airfare from Manila to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Additional photos courtesy of Mr. Alexis B. Romero.



Island fare at The Pavilion

Lunch on an island?

Avail of Bluewater Sumilon Beach Resort’s Day Tour Package that includes a sumptuous lunch and feast on succulent seafood, more traditional fare or simply grilled entrees.  Located in Oslob, Cebu, you can reach the place in four hours by taking a bus or van ride from Cebu City. Or you can reach it via Dumaguete City – take a thirty minute ferry ride from the Sibulan Port to Santander, Cebu, hop on a bus for a fifteen minute ride to the resort’s Front Office in Oslob, and another fifteen minute boat ride to the island. 1d The island Pavilion serves delectable fare of local and international cuisine. With high thatched ceiling, it boasts of a spectacular panoramic view of the ocean and mainland Cebu as you feast on healthy food. 5a Breakfast on the weekends is often served buffet style. Take your pick from an assortment of freshly baked bread and cheeses, go for congee and have fun picking out your noodle toppings, have an omelette cooked to your specifications, or go for fiber with healthy cereals and fruits. 5b 5c 5d Continental or Filipino breakfast may be ordered a la carte from the menu. 5e 5f You may also opt for a set menu. The Chef normally has one prepared for special occasions based on whatever ingredients are in season. Start off with a light warm soup to whet your appetite. 5g Appetizers include bacon rolls served with fresh cucumber and sun-ripened tomato slices. 5h You may also opt for pickled delicacies such as papaya or radishes while waiting for the main course to be served. 5i

Grilled squid or prawns are always served freshly cooked for that extra flavor!


Desserts such as Apple Tarts are home made and not ordered from the mall! 5k For lunch or dinner, try their version of Crispy Bagnet (Pork Knuckle) served with Pinakurat (Ilokano) Vinegar. 5l Or try their version of Creamy Seafood Pasta with generous servings of shrimps, squid or crab meat. 5m Finish off with their version of Brazo de Mercedes that is just right enough to take away that seafood aftertaste, but not sweet enough to raise your sugar level to the heavens. 5n The resort has, for the past couple of years, implemented Zero Waste Management and Composting on site, with an area allocated to growing organic vegetables and herbs, vermiculture, and beekeeping. Their first harvest of honey from the two bee colonies they currently have were sent to the main resort in Maribago, Cebu for the culinary team to sample and test, and from which they plan to design a menu that makes full use of the health and epicurean benefits of honey. 5 BLUEWATER SUMILON BEACH RESORT

Sumilon Island, Bancogon, Oslob, Cebu, Philippines 6025

Phone: (63 32) 318 3129 / 318 9098

Mobile: 0917 631 7512 / 0999 885 8337


Rm. 704 CitylandHerreraTower, Rufino cor. Valero Sts.

Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines

Phone: (63 2) 817-5751 / 887-1348 Fax: (63 2) 893-5391

Mobile: 0943 700 3378 / 0917 790 6260

Special thanks to Ms. Margie Munsayac, VP Sales and Marketing at Bluewater Resorts, Duty Manager Ms. Noreen Yuson and her able team for a fun-filled coverage. copy-edited-logo-e1402721003860


Cook, pray and love

There was a time when people called him by the name Brother Renel when he was a novice in the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Nowadays, he still tends to the feeding and caring of the flock, though on a different level – much less dramatic, but equally as difficult.

Cook, pray and love

Cook, pray and love

As Resident Chef of Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Chef Renel Dimacali brings the same passion and dedication he has in spreading the good news to the kitchen and the dining table.

 “I want people to see cuisine differently. I want Filipinos to rediscover their cooking roots.”

After extensive training at Enderun and a brief stint in Paris, France and travels around South East Asian countries, this self-confessed dog lover came back home to share his cooking skills and culinary insights. His current classroom is the Ocean Café where breakfast favorites include Truffled Eggs Benedict, Banana Nutella Pancakes and Filipino breakfast favorites like Champorado with Bulad and Beef Tapa. The café also offers a selection of cakes and pastries using local ingredients that are best enjoyed with Danesi Italian coffee. But it’s the Fish and Chips, Humba and Pizza that keep customers coming back for more. For intimate gatherings with family or friends, he offers the Azure Restaurant as the perfect venue. Aside from the usual favorites from Ocean Café, a seasonal menu with more intricate dishes is prepared and updated each quarter.

For this feature, Chef Renel has prepared a lavish set of entrées with brief notations on how he came up with his own version to otherwise familiar Filipino recipes.

Cook, pray and love

Red Watermelon and Mint Shake

Cook, pray and love

Inla’s Shrimp Ceviche served in a Margarita Glass

Cook, pray and love

Fish (Tangigue) Ceviche wrapped in cucumber strips and topped with Lato seaweed

Cook, pray and love

Vegetable Consommé with slices of squash, eggplant and malunggay leaves

Cook, pray and love

Eggplant Salad garnished with steamed kamote leaves and shrimps

Cook, pray and love

Back Ribs served with baked potato and steamed veggies, garnished with deviled sauce

Cook, pray and love

Tuna Steak in Sesame Seeds with steamed veggies and home-made Teriyaki Sauce

Cook, pray and love

Bagnet (pork belly) with steamed veggies and Pinakurat vinegar dip

Cook, pray and love

Pork chop stuffed with Salami served on a baked potato bed with demi-glace

Cook, pray and love

Truffled Eggs Benedict on home-made Wheat pan de sal

Cook, pray and love

Spicy Tinapa with lemon Pizza

Cook, pray and love

Tuna Sandwich served with French fries and coleslaw

Cook, pray and love

Squash and String Beans in Coconut Milk (Ginataang Kalabasa and Sitaw) topped with crushed Chicharon

Deep fried Lapu-lapu Fish with carrots and cucumber garnish (header photo)

Cook, pray and love

Chef Renel can often be seen in the company of Iñigo, a Siberian Husky puppy with captivating blue eyes named after the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola, who doesn’t mind that the chef spends a lot of time in the kitchen concocting culinary delights or masterminding gustatory functions.

To contact Chef Renel, drop by Ocean Suites or send him a note via e-mail.

Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel

Blood Compact Shrine

East Tagbilaran Road

Brgy. Bool, TagbilaranCity


Phone: +63 38 4111031

Mobile: + 63 917 6547217




Dining with Hermes and Charriol  at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza Mall

by Reg Tolentino

Rustan’s has always stood for quality, and carrying the world’s best brands means catering to an exacting clientele. Opening the group’s restaurant concept, EAST Cafe – inside Rustan’s Glorietta department store, meant turning up the heat. Now, 13 years later, Rustan’s opens EAST Cafe’s second branch, this time in Mandaluyong’s Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Tucked away in the Women’s section, past woven silk and hand-stitched leather, sits EAST Cafe. Its facade is glass, detailed with an Imperial Chinese motif rendered in wood. A well-lit and spacious interior beckons customers in, inviting lime green chairs putting one at ease as much as the soft music rippling through the air. Glass walls letting one see in from the outside now lets one see out – towards a  store floor heaving with luxury merchandise, ripe for conversations regarding the newest trend, the latest find or the hottest looks. The whole experience feels exclusive, intimate, and relaxing.

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Wait staff beam as they present the menu, and an enticing transition from the fashion to food begins.

“EAST” captures the restaurant’s culinary tour well, with Nomama and Magnum Manila’s Chef Him Uy de Baron curating a menu dominated by Chinese, Japanese and Filipino cuisine, with Korean beef Bulgogi, Malaysian-style Sate and Pad Thai noodles finding themselves alongside Agedashi Tofu, Binondo Lomi and Tuna Salpicao. All entrees are made in-store, hot & fresh.

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

The Super Salmon Maki, draws rave reviews from the foreign clientele. Delicate salmon wrapped around steamed white rice surrounding an avocado center and topped with roe, dabbed with ebiko. Each tender morsel has just the right level of umami and there is a danger in all eight served pieces disappearing like items in a 90%-off sale.

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Crispy Beef Ribs make for a heavy entree. Each bite of fall-off-the-bone, crispy, marinated US short rib explodes with a consistent garlic flavor profile. Carnivores will appreciate the ample serving size – big enough to share, or for one very hungry husband.

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Lapu-lapu with Tamarind Sauce is just one of the vegetarian options on offer. Butterfly cut Lapu-lapu is deep-fried, drizzled with tangy tamarind sauce and tofu. Slightly spicy, soft on the inside with a satisfying crunchy outside, this entree embodies the fashion mantra that what looks good sells.

Yet EAST also serves comfort food, its dessert section features Filipino comfort food made in a hallowed style – home-made, in small quantities, just right.

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

The Suman sa Ube is deep purple taro that’s as sweet as summer ice cream, and as chewy as fresh taffy. Its counterpart – Suman sa Lihiya – is a moist rice dessert drizzled in luxious coconut latik. Sinking ones’ teeth into this classic beckons the carefree afternoons of younger days, lazy Sundays, and Christmas. Like simple dresses or basic accessories – both Sumans, are at all times, must-haves.

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Pinkerton Ice Cream by Alexandra Rocha comes in strongly aromatic vanilla, decidedly decadent chocolate, velvety smooth Dulce de Leche Seasalt and curiously interesting Chunky Mocha Madness flavors. Each scoop is a study in balance – with creaminess and sweetness present in generous amounts, though not overpoweringly so. The Sumaki is a sinful combination of Suman and Ice Cream – heated sticky rice chuckys and ube blocks enrobed with a Pinkerton scoop sprinkled with mango cubes. The promise of melting ice cream sopped up with suman is the perfect bribe for any kid to behave while shopping with mommy.

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

EAST’s drink menu is sufficiently stocked. Illy coffee comes in regular black, mocha and latte forms, as well as iced versions. Teas are sourced from Daude. Wine and beer is also available by request.

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall


Operations head Karen Blythe Reyes helms both EAST branches, her 24 years in the food industry propelling Rustan’s concept into fast expansion mode. She shares the group’s drive to opening in Gateway and Cebu soon. What applies to the fashion industry often applies to the food industry and EAST Cafe seems to have hit on a formula that keeps customers coming back for more – food that looks as good as it tastes, at a price point at par with the competition, amidst an ambiance as comfortable as a tailored piece.

Dining with Hermes and Charriol at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza Mall

East Creative Asian Cuisine

2nd Floor Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Mandaluyong City

Tel. No. 633-4636 local 212


A Culinary Tour of Bohol

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

The province of Bohol in the Visayas Region of the Philippines is mainly agricultural, with several coastal towns providing fresh seafood the whole year round. The presence of several tourism establishments, each showcasing regional cuisine and their own chef’s version of it, bodes only well for the foodie.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

Amorita Resort’s Saffron Restaurant ( in Panglao offers a splendid view of Alona Beach, the Bohol Sea and truly unique sunsets. Housed in a contemporary structure with magnificent arches in the reception area, its menu consists of Continental comfort food and Filipino favorites, as well as “genuine Boholano dishes from authentic heritage recipes passed on through generations to tasteful reinterpretations of local flavors.”

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

Start off with their cool welcome drink, a refreshing blend of pandan and calamansi lemonade garnished with actual slices of the fruits and green herb. Or guzzle on their house blend iced tea with hints of lychees, garnished with red cherries and sprinkled with muscovado sugar around the glass’ rim.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

Breakfast fare offers several choices of bread, fresh greens, hash browns or fried rice paired with little round Bohol longganisa, chicken tocino, dried squid, tuna longganisa, bacon, egg omelette or delectable slices of ham.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

Of course, grilled seafood is a staple for lunch or dinner, seafood being readily available on the island. There are prawns, squid, fish (several varieties) served with a generous amount of atsara (vegetable preserve) made from pickled raw papaya fruit with herbs and spices.

Their version of pork sinigang has the pork meat (crispy lechon kawali, not boiled pork) and steamed vegetables served separate from the sour soup base.

Medium rare Angus beef steak served with spicy noodles and sweet pastries for dessert rounded off the dining experience.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

South Palms Resort Panglao ( which acquired several hectares of the land from Bohol Beach Club has the Oceanica Seafood Restaurant with a view of the longest stretch of white sand on the island. The Uys who own the resort also own several fish farms, hence live catch and fresh produce are delivered straight to their kitchen to pamper guests with only the freshest food for the best dining experience.

Live seafood (fish, crabs and prawns, with lobsters on occasion) are on display at one end of the restaurant for diners who prefer to choose their meal and have them cooked to their specifications.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

The country’s National Dish Lechon (roast pig) is a main feature in the weekend buffet. Grilled chicken is also served, with an appetizing display of regional salads to choose from. Consider fresh yellow fin tuna salad with just the right garnish of lemon juice or vinegar and spices. Dilis (small fish called Dill) salad has sun-ripened tomatoes and strips of bell pepper with lemon juice or vinegar. Then there is Guso (seaweed) salad served also with sun-ripened tomatoes, lemon juice or vinegar.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

During weekend nights, diners are treated to a unique presentation of folk dances by the resort’s staff, culminating in a fire dance which is popularly found in the resorts in Boracay and Puerto Galera, but this time with audience participation for souvenir photos.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

Ocean Suites Bohol Boutique Hotel ( located right beside the Blood Compact Shrine in East Tagbilaran Road, Tagbilaran City has a splendid ocean view of Panglao Island. The architecture is modern with plenty of glass, steel and concrete complemented by pockets of tropical plants for an organic feel.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

The resident chef of their Café & Restaurant Chef Renel C. Dimacali is a former seminarian who studied culinary arts at Enderun and trained abroad. Instead of relying on imported ingredients to create his menu, he utilizes ingredients which are readily available in Bohol.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

Start off the meal with Halaan (local shells) Soup, followed by his version of pancit (noodles) with deep fried vermicelli noodles as toppings. His version of grilled chicken has the chicken marinated in special herbs and spices resulting in a very flavorful main entrée.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

Humba (sweet pork) has ground peanuts in the sauce which adds an interesting contrast to the sweet meat, topped with crispy kangkong leaves for a bit of green in the plating.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

Grilled fish Tanigue (King Macarel) is just as flavorful especially since the fish is fresh, and garnished with black and green olives, sliced bell pepper, onions and tomatoes with a dash of lemon juice.

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

A Culinary Tour of Bohol

Fish and chips (chips in England look like fries) come with the classic Tartar Sauce. Baked fillet of  Salmon was served with Hollandaise Sauce garnished with herbs and olives.


Acknowledgement: heartfelt gratitude to Lucas Niccolo M. Cauton III – CEO, Adie Gallares – Corporate Director of Operations, and Katalene Agmata – Director of Marketing of Amorita Resort; Hope Marie R. Uy – Managing Director, and Lolita Lyn D. Uy – F & B Operations and Business Development Manager of South Palms Resort; and Chef Renel C. Dimacali of Ocean Suites Bohol Boutique Hotel for hosting meals for national media during the coverage of Sandugo Festival 2014.

This coverage was made possible as a part of USAID’s Advancing Philippine Competitiveness (COMPETE) project which seeks to increase competitiveness of economic growth areas including Bohol, in partnership with the Department of Tourism and the Province of Bohol.  


sea urchin roe fried rice

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Mr. Ramon Quisumbing, President & CEO of Eagle Point Resort, tells this story:

“Colonel Edward Miller Grimm, US Army, was an intelligence aide of Gen. Douglas MacArthur during World War II. Col. Grimm came to the Philippines in the early 1900’s and was a wealthy and successful businessman. He built a huge wooden mansion on a 1 hectare lot in Sta. Mesa, Manila and anchored his 100 foot steel schooner ‘Lanikai’ off his backyard on the Pasig River. He sailed all over Asia and brought back plants which he planted in his property which was a veritable forest in the middle of Manila.”

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

“In 1992, Eagle Point Resort bought the wooden house from the heir who inherited Col. Grimm’s house and dismantled it. Recovered were many huge timbers, which went into the construction of the Eagle Point Resort main building and the Polynesian-inspired Samoan Long House Eagle’s Nest Bar & Restaurant - trusses in the ceiling, bar counter and sides, the different doors, wooden panels in the gift shop, and others. The wood is around 100 years old and very sturdy. The carpenters were complaining because they had a hard time cutting the wood with their handsaws. The timber of the wall plaque on which this history was written was the original lid of the Col.’s military wooden chest (foot locker).”

This astute practitioner of international law whose job allows him to travel to different countries frequently returns to his family villa in Anilao, Batangas for rest and recreation.

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

The restaurant is characterized by a very high ceiling accented by native lamps and chandeliers, wooden tables and chairs, and large open windows which have a splendid view of the sea. Dinners come with one of a kind sunsets and live performances by local bands every Fridays and Saturdays.

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Start off by sampling Chicken Satay, specially marinated chicken barbeque served with peanut sauce on a bamboo culm, or Vegetable Samoza, mixed vegetables and potato curry with indian dough and creamy sauce.

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

You may also choose between nutritious Chicken Tinola, savory native chicken soup cooked with malunggay leaves and papaya, or a healthy dose of Ceasar Salad, Romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, egg yolk, mustard, anchovies, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and black pepper. There are also other salad entrees to tickle your palate.

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Main entrees include Pad Thai, stir fried noodles with shrimp and sliced pork done Thai style; Uyo Prawns, sautéed king prawns in garlic butter served with saffron rice; Fillet of Salmon in cream spinach with béarnaise sauce; Adobong Manok ni Puroy sa Bamboo, braised chicken in spicy coconut sauce with yellow ginger cooked Batangas style; and Pineapple Fried Rice, rice mixed with pineapple chunks, shrimp and chicken.

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

For dessert, don’t miss out on their Calamansi Pie, a local refrigerated version of the Lemon Pie using Calamansi which is abundant in the region; Tiramisu, a layered Italian dessert consisting of alternating layers of coffee-soaked biscuits and sweet mixture of cheese, eggs and sugar. Cocoa powder is sifted on top and sometimes between layers as both a garnish and a bitter counterpoint to the sweetened cheese mixture, plated with assorted fruit slices; Cheesecake, served in just the right amount with a dollop of berry jam and assorted fruit slices; or Leche Flan topped with sweetened coconut and assorted fruit slices.

For overnight guests at the resort, breakfast choices include Filipino Breakfast consisting of a cup of fried rice, tocino, eggs done sunny side up, atsara, fruit slices served with a glass of juice; American Breakfast with toasted bread, eggs done sunny side up, bacon strips, fruit slices served with jam and butter, and a cup of coffee; or Japanese Breakfast that include a cup of steamed rice and a slice of salmon in special herbs, miso soup and assorted fruit platter.

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

All throughout the day, quench your thirst with Coconut Shake served inside the coconut mixed with creamy milk and a dash of candy sprinkle for color.

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Feasting with the Eagles in Batangas

Should you decide to go for a day trip to Sepoc Beach Center on Maricaban Island, a short 20 minute boat ride from Eagle Point Resort, the F & B staff are sure to oblige you with an appetizing meal of king prawns, grilled chicken or pork, Chinese noodles made flavourful with choice herbs, veggies and meat cutlets, eggplant salad, fresh fruit platter of fruits in season, and their latest addition to the menu – freshly harvested sea urchin roe, UNI, which may be cooked in pesto or tomato sauce pasta, and in fried rice served inside the shell.

After a hearty meal at Sepoc Beach Center, you may want to nap a bit in one of the native hammocks strung throughout the main hut, or work out the extra pounds by going for a picturesque walk in any direction.

Whatever you decide, you will be sure to appreciate the good life.

***I would like to congratulate the highly attentive staff at the restaurant for excellent service. Every time a course is done, used plates are serviced, drinks are replenished and flatware are replaced automatically. It makes the dining experience all the more memorable.

Gratitude to the Director for Sales & Marketing Mr. Ernie V. Martinez, General Manager Mr. Mark Anthony Lord, and staff for invaluable assistance. You are service personified.

For inquiries or reservations, please contact the MAKATI SALES OFFICE at Tel. No. 8133553, e-mail: or check


Aplaya Restaurant & Bar

A Culinary Feast by the Seashore

Feast on succulent seafood and the day’s freshest catch at Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort’s Aplaya Restaurant & Bar in Panglao Island, Bohol.

A Culinary Feast by the Seashore

Open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., the resto offers a healthy mix of international, Asian and Filipino regional cuisine served on Hotel Line Porcelain. Designed by Bluewater executive Chef Gilbert Alan Mathay, the menu is now supervised by Sous Chef Val Villarin.

A Culinary Feast by the Seashore

An assortment of live seafood such as crustaceans (lobsters, crabs and prawns), fish (grouper, jack fish, eel, abalone and stone fish), shells (oysters, scallops, clams), and seaweed, which may be viewed in aquariums, may be ordered and cooked according to your preference:

Chinese – steamed with ginger and soya; with salt and pepper fried in sea salt and Szechuan peppercorns; with sweet and sour sauce; or with black bean sauce

Filipino – grilled or fried and served with native Filipino vinegar sauce; Sinigang soup; Tinola soup

Japanese – Sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce; grilled with teriyaki sauce

Singaporean – in chilli sauce; with yellow curry

Thai – with red curry; grilled with lemongrass and served with nam pla (fish sauce)

Continental – steamed or grilled with lemon butter sauce or garlic butter sauce

When dining at the Aplaya Restaurant & Bar, we highly recommend that you allot ample time in order for you to fully appreciate the exquisite cuisine. Housed in a large, open hut adjacent to a free-form lagoon-shaped swimming pool and bamboo groves with a splendid view of the ocean, the only distractions allowed are the aromatic smell of good food and the anticipation of gustatory delights.

Start off with an appetizer, soup or salad.

The Aplaya Platter of teriyaki chicken barbecue, pork and shrimp spring roll and seared sesame tuna served on Hotel Line Claire Rectangular Platter (menu photo) is a must.

A Culinary Feast by the Seashore

Or you can savor homemade wonton noodles stuffed with pork and shrimp, seasoned with soya sauce and ginger, gently simmered in chicken broth served in Hotel Line Katsu Bowl (menu photo).

From garden fresh salad choices, we had Aplaya’s Native Salad of cucumber, bitter gourd (ampalaya), tomato and jicama topped with stir-fried marinated shrimps and dry milkfish flakes served in Hotel Line Lorraine Square Flared Bowl (menu photo).

A Culinary Feast by the Seashore

For Filipino fare under the Kusina Filipina menu, we tried Hinalang na Manok, a Bohol specialty of chicken cooked in onion, ginger, peppercorn, chilli and coconut milk served in Hotel Line Shikaku Bowl. Their sautéed beef steak marinated in soya sauce and calamansi (Bistek Tagalog), served with onion rings and rice in Hotel Line Lorraine Square Flared Bowl, as well as the trademark Filipino vegetable meal Pinakbet, stewed assorted vegetables with shrimps, fermented shrimp paste, and pork belly strips also served in Hotel Line Lorraine Square Flared Bowl reminded us of home cooked meals. Aplaya’s version of Adobo Rice, fried rice of chicken adobo flakes and sauce served with generous portions of adobong Bisaya is a sure stand-out. To share portions are served in halved bamboo culms, and eaten on Hotel Line Amore Square Plate.

A Culinary Feast by the Seashore

 Don’t miss out on the local favourite of sinugbang manok (grilled chicken), sinugbang nokus (grilled squid), or sinugbang tiyan sa baboy (grilled pork belly) served with onion and tomato salsa, steamed rice and native sauce.

A Culinary Feast by the Seashore

From the Pasta, Rice Meals and Entrees, we sampled Bohol Bouillabaisse, a fresh seafood stew of seasonal fish, shellfish and vegetables, flavoured with a variety of local herbs and spices, served with rouille and melt in your mouth garlic croutons in Hotel Line Lorraine Square Flared Bowl. Pan seared lemon marinated chicken breast (Lemon Herb Chicken) on mashed potato and grilled garden vegetables with citrus-mustard reduction was beautifully plated on Hotel Line Amore Square Plate. Literally a mixed meal, the Korean Bibimbap had warm rice topped with sautéed ground beef and raw egg, served with julienned onion leeks, cucumber, carrot, homemade pickled radish, kimchi and bean sprouts in Hotel Line Nancy Bowl. From a choice of bolognese, marinara, pomodoro, alfredo or carbonara sauce, we had Spaghetti Marinara served on Hotel Line Tagliatelle Pasta Plate.

A Culinary Feast by the Seashore

For a quick meal, an assortment of sandwiches are on hand such as the Bluewater Cheeseburger, 250 grams of US Black Angus Beef, fried onion chips and mozzarella cheese served on Hotel Line Claire Rectangular Platter (menu photo) , as are a kid’s menu which are creatively plated to catch the children’s attention.

To wind down your meal, have a serving of Aplaya’s Tiramisu, whipped cream cheese with espresso-flavored lady fingers served on Hotel Line Square Rim Plate (menu photo). Don’t leave without tasting the Boholano Ube Kinampay Dessert, a sandwich of coconut macaroons with halayang ube (purple yam), using Bohol’s special ube kinampay and cream with sago served with ube ice cream.

Amongst several choices of drinks, we couldn’t get enough of the standard Bluewater Lemongrass Cooler, a thirst-quenching cold lemonade brew with a hint of lemongrass which is also served as a welcome drink for all Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort guests.

A Culinary Feast by the Seashore

If you happen to wine and dine at the resort on a Saturday evening, you’re in for a treat since Saturday nights are Barrio Fiesta Nights at the resort. Aside from the buffet dinner fare, diners are treated to several Filipino cultural dances like the Tinikling by agile dancers, after which the guests are invited to try them out for fun. Group photos with the dancers in colourful Filipino costumes are permitted after the program’s finale.

For inquiries and reservations, visit, e-mail, or call (63 38) 416 0702/0696

***special thanks to Ms. Margie Munsayac, Adie Gallares, Jairus Laguatan and the amiable staff for excellent service